Healthtek is an Easmus+ project which aims at creating a new approach for learning Biomedical Engineering for both Medicine and engineering students. Indeed, the learning-training will be active and personalised using gamification and artificial intelligence.
In particular, working on specific cases in a virtual way will allow training in decision making and intervention at risky interventions.

Work Packages

The consortium, composed of 4 schools (Engineering and Medicine) from 3 countries (Spain, France, Poland), will collaborate on 3 main workpackages and deliverables:
•WP 1 (lead by Deusto-Spain): Design the Virtual Campus HealthTEK. including a set of virtual modules based on serious gamification strategies with immersive and active feedback technologies combined with flipped classes strategies
•WP 2 (lead by Politechnika Bialostocka-Poland): Create a methodological interactive guide for learning to use the developed modules and virtual campus adapted to EU requirements especially LMS systems; development of common guidelines for the education of biomedical engineers and doctors with the immersive gamification
•WP 3 (lead by Deusto-Spain): Implement Smart module using artificial intelligence for personalised learning and AI systems with the advantage of the personalization to better adjust to the potential profile including lifelong learning.